The Phosphorus Challenge

Advanced Phosphorus Management Starts With Innovative Tools


50% of acres are deficient in phosphorus.

Improve Fertility

83% of growers are concerned about phosphorus “tie up".


Only 1 out of 6 growers are using a phosphorus efficiency product.

Join The P Project

Confirm The Results In Your Field


Establish yourself as a Leader in the industry as an early adopter of innovative phosphorus efficiency products.


Differentiated approach using Precision Technology with nutrient management.


Deeper Engagement and Relationship with grower.

The P Project

Phosphorus must be available to your plants to impact yield, using the right technology like Levesol™ is critical to maximize the availability of phosphorus. The Phosphorus Challenge is designed to target phosphorus availability issues and provide the right technology to enhance nutrient efficiency and monitor progress.

Unique Benefits By Joining:

  • Differentiated approach using digital agriculture tools with nutrient management
  • Establish yourself as a leader in the industry as an early adopter of innovative phosphorus efficiency products
  • Deeper engagement and relationship with grower

Rewarded For Participating:

  • Receive $250 credit for completing the Phosphorus Challenge when yield data is verified within 30 days of harvest
  • Retailer will receive a $250 credit per grower enrollment
  • Receive a welcome kit for registering, with a limited-edition tumbler and other resources
Phosphorus Sulfide