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Because Every Field Has Nutrient Availability Issues

Research is ongoing, but experts agree that pH, organic matter and soil texture are the primary limiting factors to phosphorus availability.

  • Organic matter levels that are low can limit the rate of phosphorus supply.
  • Soil pH that is too high or too low affects how iron, aluminum and calcium react with phosphorus, which causes nutrient tie up.
  • High CEC and clay content also supply cations that scavenge added phosphorus, making it unavailable.

2 Steps For Increasing Phosphorus Availability

  1. Utilizing a strong starter fertilizer program is the first recommendation to ensure phosphorus is available to the seedling.
    • Band applications are also an excellent strategy to give seedlings a great start.
    • Using a common starter fertilizer like 10-34-0 alone has limitations.
      • Many applied nutrients like phosphorus, bond with micronutrients, making them unavailable for plant uptake.
      • This prevents crops from accessing the nutrients they need for season-long
  2. Ensuring the starter program includes the advanced phosphorous efficiency technology to prevent the phosphorus and micronutrients in the starter from getting tied up in the soil, so they are readily available to the seedling.

Levesol is the most advanced nutrient efficiency solution, making phosphorus, zinc, and other key micronutrients more available to the plant.

Levesol Has 3 Modes Of Action

  1. Unlocks the nutrients in the soil
  2. Makes the nutrients that it’s applied with more available
  3. Is mobile in the plant for season long activity.

Levesol’s Ortho-Ortho EDDHA chelate is the most scientifically proven and only patent-pending chelating agent in the industry. Other phosphorus efficiency products bond with micronutrients to increase phosphorus levels, inefficiently leaving micronutrients such as zinc and manganese tied up.

Levesol chelates micronutrients, protecting them from interacting with molecules like phosphorus, allowing both to be more available for plant uptake.

Multiple Options For A Range Of Utility

Levesol Zn
Levesol DFC

The Levesol Solution Benefits The Retailer, Grower & The Environment

Working with agronomists to understand the importance of how the Levesol technology works to increase phosphorus availability will lead to enhanced grower profitability and increased dealer profitability; while being environmentally sound.

Find out more at or by watching this video:

Explore the benefits improved phosphorus availability brings your field:

  • Climate FieldView™ digital ag tools can help improve your field management decisions and maximize yields.
  • There are more than 120 MILLION acres on the Climate FieldView™ platform.
  • Over 60% of all corn and soybean acres planted in U.S.*

* Based on USDA 2017 planted corn & soybean acres of 180 million

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